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Hamza Baba`s Works


BAHEER (the strem)
Published in 1983, printed at Jadoon Press, Peshawar, Pakistan. This volume consists of 222 ghazals in all. All the ghazals have been written from 1960 to 1965. This book carries an introduction by Dr. Yar Mohammad Maghmoom under the title "The Ghazal of Hamza and Pakhtoon Mysticism."

DA KHYBER VAGME (the khyber breez)
Published by the Pushto Academy Kabul, Afghanistan in 1968, it contains 203 "Rubaiyat" (quatrains) an equal number of "Qitat" (quartets) and 108 "Fards" (couplets). It has 178 pages.

DA ZRAH AWAZ (voice of the heart)
This book contain some NAAT (panegyrics on the Prophet P.B.U.H.) and some elegies on the tragedy of Karbla along with some poems on some saints and Muslim Sufis. It was his first book and has 102 pages. It has been didicated to the his Murshid (spritual master) Syed Abdul Sattar Shah Badshah Jan Chishti (R.A.).

GHAZWOONE (yawning)
Published in 1953 at Jadoon Press Peshawar, Pakistan. It inclides 108 Ghazals, 65 Nazans, 105 Qitat and Rubaiyat. The book has 283 pages.

PREWOONE (the pleiades)
Printed at Jadoon Press Peshawar, Pakistan in 1985. The book contain Ghazals written between 1965 to 1970. It includes 203 Ghazals and has 262 pages